About Us

Food Guru

Food Guru is a marketing and video production company founded by mother-daughter team, Ariel and Debbie Sultan. We specialize in the food and beverage industry. We take an artisan approach with clients we work with by creating/curating content, connecting with a target audience, which convert into customers.


Food Guru creates content such as videos, photography, blogs, digital posters, website design/updates, unique messaging for social media, newsletters, and email marketing. Food Guru also develops creative strategies on-and-offline for crowd-funding campaigns, promotions, trade shows, events, and festivals.


Using created and curated content, Food Guru connects with potential customers and influencers across all social media platforms. By actively engaging online, they help to grow a community of targeted influencers, such as: foodies, bloggers, publications, editors, writers, and fans.


Food Guru taps into its own networks to nourish partnerships with like-minded businesses through social marketing and selling. These relationships have led to successful business relationships, where both parties have benefited from expanding their customer reach and base.


Ariel Sultan

Ariel is the Co-Founder of Food Guru, and heads up the video production department. After graduating from NYU with a Film & TV degree from Tisch School of the Arts, Ariel worked at The Discovery Channel, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and BBDO (NY/SF). At Food Guru, Ariel develops marketing strategies for Food Guru and clients, plus is in charge of all the visual content – video, photos, promotions, and digital posters, for Food Guru Channel, Cooking Guru web-series, and all their food/beverage clients. Additionally, she is the Co-Producer for the independent feature documentary, The Cage Fighter, which has received support from Tribeca Film Institute and Sundance Film Institute. The film premiered at the 2017 San Francisco International Film Festival.

Debbie Sultan

Debbie got her chops for marketing going while working with high-growth, regional, and national retail chains. She created executed a variety of cross-promotions, grand openings, and guerrilla marketing campaigns. Debbie shifted her focus toward smaller retail businesses when she moved to the SF Bay Area by acting as a freelance Marketing Director. In 2013, this baby-boomer co-founded Food Guru with her millennial daughter, Ariel. At Food Guru, Debbie heads the Social Marketing Department, targeting online influencers and customers for Food Guru Channel, Cooking Guru web-series, and clients in the food/beverage space.