American Cheese Society Short Film

Project Description: In the beginning of 2013, we were approached by members of the American Cheese Society about how their yearly conference was going to be brought back to California during the summer of 2014 after 14 years of being hosted in other cities across North America. The California board members were motivated to create a fun video to promote California, which would blow all the other years out of the water. Food Guru was hired to co-write the script and shoot the video at Bay Area landmarks and featuring Northern California cheese celebrities within a 3-day span. The short film was named “Dilleggio: From Farm to Fork.” With a quick turn around time from scriptwriting to filming, and finally post-production (editing, original logo creation, animation/titling, color correction, sound design, and original music composition), we brought their vision to life in this 9-minute short comedy.
Results: The short film premiered at the 2013 Wisconsin ACS Conference in front of thousands of cheese enthusiasts and industry producers / representatives. The film was well regarded at the Conference, and received thousands of hits on YouTube. Plus, the made-up term, “Dilleggio,” became the running joke throughout the year. In fact, they handed out pins that said “Dilleggio.” We were told by the board members that it was by far the best produced video; even to the point where the following year’s team didn’t even create a video because they didn’t think it would compare.

CLIENT: American Cheese Society
SERVICE: Video Production