Cooking Guru Web-Series

Project Overview: The Cooking Guru web-series features 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 1 snack/appetizer, and 1 dessert. The series uses short videos to teach home cooks how to make simple, healthy, tasty meals. From Season 2 and on, Food Guru collaborated with the founder of Farminista’s Feast, Karen Pavone, as the host for our Cooking Guru web-series. Starting in 2015, Cooking Guru (Season 3-4) began adding brand sponsorship with Barbara Extra Virgin Olive Oil, LAFAZA Vanilla, Clover, Arawak Farm, EcoLunchBox, Kraut Source, and Marin French Cheese into the episodes and Cooking Guru Tips. To watch the series with all the recipes see our website:

Results: Cooking Guru distribution partners has expanded to include, The Food Channel, The Local Dish, SideChef, and, Blogher, Recipleaser, and Tastemade community. Our sponsors were able to use the content for their social platforms and have video content to showcase on their websites. Additionally, video recipes have proven to be our most engaging content on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Our unique cooking web-series has also been featured on media/press outlets, like: An Organic Conversation Podcast/Facebook page and Millennial Magazine. Cooking Guru currently has over 40,000 views.