Kraut Source Kickstarter Video & Video Story

PROJECT NAME: Kickstarter Video & Video Story
CLIENT: Kraut Source
SERVICE TYPE: Video Production

Project Overview: Food Guru was hired to produce the Kickstarter Video. The video was completed in a timely manner for a summer crowdfunding campaign. Since we had all the necessary footage and interview, we also created a Video Story to use for their website after the campaign ended. The message was changed to take out the “crowdfunding pitch,” and instead showcase the founder’s Karen Diggs’ background, how to use the device, and why fermentation matters.
Results: The Kickstarter video received many thousands of hits and was a valuable tool for sharing their mission and passion for the newly created business. The founder used the Kickstarter video during the campaign to get media exposure with podcasts, blogs, and articles, including Epicurious. Kraut Source was able to raise $184,000 and became one of the most successful food related Kickstarter campaigns. The Video Story resides on Kraut Source website. It is a visual story content piece to connect with online viewers and additional media/press opportunities.