Kraut Source Marketing Department

Project Overview: Kraut Source is a DIY device to ferment foods in mason jars. Some examples include Kimchi, Pickles, and Sauerkraut. In August 2014, (10 days into their Kickstarter Campaign), Food Guru began managing their social media accounts targeting health-minded audiences (vegans, paleos, homesteaders, DIY, etc.) to help them reach their goal.

Our role has expanded to website updates, content creation, blogs, contests, consulting, photography, digital posters, promotional material, video production, social media engagement/management, PR, and brand ambassadorship at events (such as participating at the Kickstarter Pavilion at the World Maker Faire in New York, San Mateo Maker Faire, and San Francisco Renegade Craft Faire). We frequently act as customer service by being a liaison between the customer base and the founder to communicate about FAQs, updates on the business, and more. As Kraut Source’s marketing department, we are an active voice in the fermentation community. Additionally, we have used our Food Guru networks to make introductions to Kraut Source for business opportunities, partners, and media contacts/press.

Results: 10 days into the Kickstarter Campaign, Kraut Source had raised $70,000 and had 170 followers on Facebook. Food Guru was hired to create content and build an online community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. As a result, Kraut Source raised $184,000 on Kickstarter. Food Guru has organically grown Kraut Source’s community to many thousand through engaging content and interactive dialogue across all social media platforms. With immediate customer service, the Kraut Source community continuously expresses their appreciation.

As brand ambassadors, Food Guru was instrumental in getting Kraut Source to participate in events like the Maker Faire (New York & San Mateo), Green Festival (San Francisco), Renegade Festival (San Francisco), Urban Epicurean Festival (San Francisco), and Farm to Fermentation Festival (San Rosa). At these event, we worked as the field marketing team by setting up/designing the booth and speaking with thousands of attendees; as a result, we sold hundreds of Kraut Sources, signed up hundreds to the newsletter, and was awarded the Editor’s Choice in New York and in San Mateo.

PROJECT NAME: Marketing Department
CLIENT: Kraut Source
SERVICE TYPE: Content Marketing, Consulting, Brand Ambassador, Photography, Video Production