LAFAZA Kickstarter Campaign and Video Story

Project Overview: LAFAZA is a sustainable, direct trade vanilla company working with independent smallholder farmers in Madagascar. Food Guru consulted LAFAZA on how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign, produced the Kickstarter video, reviewed the campaign page, connected LAFAZA with PR/business opportunities through Food Guru’s network, and eventually took over their social media platforms. Throughout the campaign, digital posters were created and posted.

Other Projects: Food Guru produced a video on 5 ways to DIY Vanilla. Also, Food Guru produced their Video Story to use for grant applications, investors, trade shows, social media, and their website.

Results: Through our content creation and connection on social platforms as well as outreach to potential influencers, Food Guru helped LAFAZA reach their Kickstarter goal of over $30,000. Food Guru organically grew each of their social media platforms from 25-50% in a month. Beyond that, Food Guru developed new partnerships with complementary bloggers and made introductions for product sales.

PROJECT NAME: LAFAZA Kickstarter Campaign & Video Story
SERVICE TYPE: Video, Photography, Content Marketing, Marketing Consulting