Marin French Cheese 150th Anniversary

Project Overview: Marin French Cheese celebrates their 150th Anniversary in January 2015. We were hired to create three videos: Long-Form Video Story, Montage Video, and Animation Invite Video. For the Long-Form Video, we created a 5-minute piece to showcase Marin French Cheese’s history, landscape, and commitment to quality cheese making. Beyond that, we created a 30-second fun animation that was a complementary piece for their electronic invitation for their anniversary party. We produced a 1-minute montage-video that has been proposed for trade shows and displayed on their website. It highlights the beauty of Marin French Cheese’s landscape, the cows, the cheese-making process, and the products.

Results: Marin French Cheese is able to honor their history and longstanding dedication to artisan cheesemaking in the videos we produced for them. The 5-minute version was featured at their party in front of hundreds of guests. Visitors of the retail space can watch the video to understand the values of Marin French Cheese, especially since health restrictions prevent the general public from taking cheese tours at the facility. The montage video entices passersby attendees of trade shows to get an essence of what Marin French Cheese is about. The videos bring Marin French Cheese to life for the online stage.

PROJECT NAME: Marin French Cheese 150th Anniversary
CLIENT: Marin French Cheese
SERVICE: Video Production