Our Services

A little about what we do

• Freelance Marketing Department - On and offline marketing strategy, evaluating brand and company mission, narrowing down target audiences, creating a plan to connect and convert the target markets into customers, using an artisan approach to learn about brand’s customers in order to develop longer term loyalty and build a dedicated community.

• Social Media Marketing - Management and engagement on social platforms, original content creation, curation of high quality content, competitive strategy analysis, building a community of loyal followers/fans, ad campaigns, cross-promotions, influencer programs, PR outreach, analytics of each platform’s performance, online active and responsive customer service.

• Video Production - Recipe how-to videos, company stories, product videos, promotional videos, commercials, testimonials, crowdfunding, video blogs, web-series.

• Photography - Product shots, recipe food plating, creative photography concepts, landscapes, digital posters for holidays and promotions, event/trade shows.

• Marketing Consulting - Crowdfunding, social media content strategy, guerrilla marketing, social networking, collaborative cross-promotions with complementary brands.